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Meet our Acne Specialists

New acne specialists in the house!!!! Our aestheticians are now Face Reality Acne Specialist certified! With this exciting new certification comes a new line of products that we swear by for anyone with acne.

If you or someone you know is acne prone and could use some skin love, book an Acne Bootcamp consult with Jordyn or Katie at our Mount Horeb location. They'll set you up with a Face Reality regimen specifically catered to your unique skin/acne type.

On top of a custom skin care regimen, our Acne Bootcamp program includes chemical peel treatments with extractions, high frequency and blue LED light therapy every two weeks. As time goes on, your aesthetician will adjust your treatments based on your specific needs. Face Reality Acne Bootcamp is long term and sustainable. 90% of clients on Acne Bootcamp will get cleared!!

Ready for clear skin?! Book a consult now:

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